Absolut Carpets | Laminate Floors vs. Tiles - Which is Best for Your Home?
Not sure which flooring option to install? Read more about laminate floors versus tiles for your home. Absolut carpets supplies laminate, vinyl floors and carpets.
laminate floors vs. tiles
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Laminate Floors vs. Tiles – Which is Best for Your Home?

Laminate Floors vs. Tiles – Which is Best for Your Home?

If you’re building a new home or renovating your existing home, you’ve probably given some thought as to what types of flooring you want to install. Laminate floors and tiles are a popular choice, especially for high traffic areas, living rooms and even bedrooms. If you’re still undecided about whether you should go for laminate wooden floor or tiles, it might be best to weigh the pros and cons of each, to see which option is more suitable for your home.


Absolut Carpets is a leading supplier of laminate wooden floors, vinyl flooring and carpet. Being in the flooring industry for many years has given us a wealth of knowledge about the different flooring options, enabling us to give the best advice to our clients. Absolut Carpets have assisted many clients in Johannesburg to obtain the floors they desired for their homes. Contact us today for more information or a quote to install laminate wooden floors, vinyl floors or carpets in your home.

The advantages of laminate flooring

Many homeowners choose laminate wooden flooring over other flooring options, because of the number of advantages these floors have to offer. If you’re looking to add a luxurious touch to your home’s interior, you won’t go wrong with laminate wooden floors. There are many colours and different textures to choose from, from light white washed styles to hardwood imitating laminates. If you’re looking for a stylish flooring option that will complement your home’s interior, you won’t go wrong with laminate floor.




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Another advantage of laminate wooden flooring is that it offers a warmer feel that tiles, creating a warmer atmosphere as well as a warmer surface for your children to play on. Walking barefoot on this flooring option is a dream, being softer on the feet and not as cold as tiles in the winter. Just like tiles, laminate are also very low maintenance and easy to clean. No strong detergents, oils or waxing is required, simply mop the floor with a slightly damp mop or cloth, and sweep regularly. Be careful not to use excessive water, or to leave wet spills for too long, as the water will seep in between the seams of the floors and cause damage.


Installation of laminate wooden floors is so easy that you can do it yourself with a few basic skills and tools. No cement or grout is required,  as the panels simply slide into one another. If you are not up to the job yourself though, you can ask a professional laminate flooring installation company like Absolut Carpets to assist.

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Talk to the leading laminate flooring suppliers in Johannesburg about laminate floors versus tiles for your home, and see our beautiful laminate wooden floors for yourself. you will fall in love with this luxurious, stylish and affordable flooring option.

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