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Absolut Carpets is a leading flooring supplier in Johannesburg, who will supply you with top quality industrial flooring products.
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Industrial Flooring Supplier in Johannesburg

Industrial Flooring Supplier in Johannesburg – Absolut Carpets

Commercial and industrial environments require something a little more durable when it comes to flooring, to ensure a lasting flooring products for the company. Flooring in industrial environments need to be able to withstand high traffic and usage involving equipment.

Absolut Carpets can supply you with high quality industrial carpet for your commercial or industrial flooring needs. As a leading flooring and carpet supplier in Johannesburg, you can rest assured that you will get top quality industrial flooring and professional installation services at affordable prices. Talk to a consultant today to get a quote on the industrial flooring you require.

Quality industrial carpet for your business or commercial building

Industrial carpet installed by Absolut Carpets offer a number of benefits for our clients. If you are considering wall-to-wall carpet in your business or commercial building, you will not go wrong with industrial flooring options from Absolut Carpets. Our industrial flooring options include a number of carpet designs in our Belgotex Carpet range – talk to a consultant today to see samples and to get a quote on any of the following industrial flooring options available in Johannesburg:


  • Baltimore: This stylish industrial carpet range was designed with the corporate and hospitality industries in mind, offering clients and businesses in the hospitality industry a number of stylish designs to choose from. A unique yarn system and a densely constructed carpet tile contribute to its robustness, offering a lasting and durable carpet for clients in need of commercial carpets. Read more about the Baltimore carpet range or talk to a consultant at Absolut Carpets today for a quote.
  • Berber Point 650: Berber Point 650 is known for its durability and ability to withstand harsh industrial environments, which makes it suitable for a number of commercial and industrial applications. This industrial flooring option offers a 100% Stainproof Miracle fibre from Belgotex, making it extremely easy to clean due to the low moisture absorption properties of this fibre. Read more about the Berber Point 650 carpet range or talk to a consultant at Absolut Carpets today for a quote.
  • Serengeti: If you’re looking for something with a little African flair, that also provides a durable industrial flooring option for your specific environment, take a look at the beautiful Serengeti carpet range from Belgotex. This plush cut-pile carpet features a subtle yet distinctive paw print design, and is made from solution dyed nylon which makes it 100% stain proof. Read more about the Serengeti carpet range or talk to a consultant at Absolut Carpets today for a quote.

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The advantages of installing industrial carpet

Carpet greatly contributes to the appearance of the environment used in, and becomes part of the décor due to the colours, patterns and texture it contributes. With so many carpet designs and patterns available, you will find a carpet that fits the style you want to incorporate in your commercial environment or building. Other than its stylish and decorative purposes, industrial carpet also offers a number of benefits, which include:

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Insulation: Keep the heat or cold by creating an insulated area with wall-to-wall carpet. This will help your business or commercial building save energy, and make your building more environmentally friendly.

Acoustics: Muffle the sound of voices, telephones, footsteps and machinery by installing carpets. Carpet absorbs sound, lessening the echoing of voices and other sounds, ad removing the buzz from large commercial buildings. This help to create a quieter atmosphere for employees and customers.

Safety: Carpet even contributes to making the environment safer for users, as it will help prevent falls caused by slipping.

Cleaning: Industrial carpet is easy to clean, which is attributed to the material used in manufacturing. Low absorption properties ensure that the carpet is stain resistant, and that messes, spills and dirt can easily be cleaned off the carpet.

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Get the best industrial flooring in Johannesburg carpet from Absolut Carpets

If you are assessing the different industrial flooring options available in Johannesburg, and would like more information about our industrial carpet ranges, talk to a consultant at Absolut Carpets today. We will supply you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, and supply you with a competitive quote to install your industrial flooring professionally.

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