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10 Tips for choosing the right carpet for your home, office or other needs. Get the best residential, commercial and industrial carpets from Absolut Carpets.
10 tips for choosing the right carpet
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10 Tips for choosing the right carpet

10 Tips for choosing the right carpet – Absolut Carpets JHB

Looking to install new carpets in your home, office or commercial environment? Nothing beats the sheer luxury and comfort that comes with installing new carpets, especially in your home. Tiles and laminate flooring might be easier to clean, but let’s face it, carpets are much softer and more comfortable to walk on. If you’re headfast on installing carpets, yet not sure which type, style and texture will be best for your personal needs, here are a few tips for choosing the right carpet:

  • Set your budget: First things first – Set your budget. Once you have established the budget you have available for the carpets, it’s easier to look for carpets now that you have a price range to look in. This will also make it easier for the carpet supplier, who will show you samples of suitable carpet ranges. Take the size of the room or surface into account when deciding on the budget, you will ultimately work on a price per square meter.
  • Types of carpets: There are many types of carpet available on the market, which can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know the difference. There are three main types of carpet piles, namely loop pile, cut pile and woven Loop pile carpets present fibres that are looped, whilst cut pile carpets are sheared, exposing the ends of the fibres. Each type has its own benefits, and both are popular choices. Woven carpets are made by massive looms that weave together ‘bobbins’ of carpet yarn and backing. Once you decide on the type of carpet you want to install, it will narrow down your options, making the final choice easier for you.

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Nouwens Carpets

  • Carpet tiles: There are also carpet tiles, which are popular for industrial and commercial environments, making it easier to repair damaged sections of the carpet by simply replacing the damaged carpet tiles with new ones.
  • Supply and installation: Make sure you use a reputable supplier of carpets, who will offer you high quality carpets and professional installation services. Absolut Carpets is a leading supplier of carpets in Johannesburg, supplying and installing high quality top carpet brands for clients.
  • Carpet cleaning and maintenance: Commercial and industrial carpet is easier to clean and maintain, making it ideal for public areas and larger establishments such as restaurants, offices and hotels. Enquire about the best methods for cleaning the carpet you choose.

Van Dyck Carpets

Flooring for your Home and Flooring for your Work Place

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Belgotex Carpets

  • Traffic: Consider the location of the carpets and how much traffic the area gets. High traffic areas might need something a little more durable, while bedrooms are ideal for something a little softer and more luxurious.
  • Product guarantee : A reputable supplier of top carpet brands will offer a product and workmanship warranty. Absolut Carpets offers clients a 5 year guarantee on materials, as well as a 2 year guarantee on workmanship.
  • Plain or pattern designs: There are an array of different colours, textures and designs when it comes to carpets. Once you browse through our samples you will be able to see what fits your taste and your requirements.
  • Under-carpet heating: If you require under-carpet heating, Absolut Carpets can assist. As a leading carpet installation company in Johannesburg, we offer a well-rounded carpet installation service. Enquire about our under-carpet heating products and services today.

With all of the styles, colours and carpet textures available today, selecting the right carpet can be quite overwhelming. Let the team at Absolut Carpets assist you to find and install the best carpets that ft your needs as well as your budget. Get a quote from the leading carpet suppliers in Johannesburg today.

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