Wooden Flooring Installations in Johannesburg - Absolut Carpets
Contact Absolut Carpets today for wooden flooring installations in Johannesburg - Professional and affordable laminate wooden flooring installation.
Wooden flooring installations in johannesburg
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Wooden Flooring Installations in Johannesburg

Professional Wooden Flooring Installations in Johannesburg – Absolut Carpets

Wooden flooring is a popular choice of flooring options amongst home and business owners, due to a number of reasons. If you love the look and atmosphere created by wooden flooring in a room, then our range of laminate wooden flooring is for you.

Absolut Carpets is a leading flooring company in Johannesburg, offering a selection of wooden flooring products to choose from. You will find a colour and texture that meets what you have in mind from Absolut Carpets. Contact us today for more information about our wooden flooring installation services in Johannesburg.

Trust Absolut Carpets to install your wooden flooring in Johannesburg

Absolut Carpets is a leading service provider of wooden flooring installations in Johannesburg. Trust us to install your laminate wooden flooring for the following reasons:

  • Professional service: Absolut Carpets aims to offer a professional service when installing wooden flooring products for our clients, to ensure that they are satisfied with the end results. Years of experience in the flooring industry and extensive knowledge about the installation procedure and products allow us to provide a professional service when it comes to laminate wooden flooring installations in Johannesburg. Absolut Carpet’s wooden laminated floors come with an incredible 25 year guarantee and 2 years on the workmanship – ensuring you of a lasting and durable product.
  • Competitive prices: Flooring can be quite expensive, especially when hiring a professional company to take care of the installations. This is why Absolut Carpets aims to make our products and services affordable for our clients. We offer competitive prices on our wooden flooring products, and we offer products in various price ranges to make it easy for our clients to find a range of wooden flooring that fits their budget.
  • Range of wooden flooring products: Choose from a number of different colours, deigns and textures when it comes to installing wooden flooring in your home or business. Browse through our range of wooden laminated flooring product ranges – Egger Laminate and Balterio Laminate, two world-leading manufacturers of laminate wooden flooring.
  • Underfloor heating: Installing new flooring provides the ideal opportunity to install underfloor heating. If you have always dreamed of having underfloor heating in your home, let Absolut Carpets include this service in your quotation. Our experienced team will install your underfloor heating together with your wooden flooring professionally.

Egger Laminate


The advantages of wooden laminate flooring in your home or business

In addition to being a beautiful and appealing flooring option, there are also a number of other benefits when installing wooden laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has taken the flooring industry by storm in recent years, having been designed as a durable and more affordable option than real hardwood flooring. Featuring a clear protective layer on top of the wooden finish, this flooring option offers a lovely finish with many different colours and designs to choose from. This layer also makes the floor easy to clean and maintain, as regular sweeping and a mop with a slightly damp cloth is all that is needed. Laminate wooden floors are hypo-allergenic, as dust mite and dirt particles can easily be cleaned and removed, providing clean floors for children to play on. Wooden laminate floors are also warmer than tiles, making it comfortable to walk, sit and play on (very beneficial if you have small children and pets). Considering all the benefits it is easy to see why laminate wooden flooring is a popular flooring option amongst home and business owners.

Balterio Laminate

Lifestyle Luxury Vinyl (LTV)

Laurentian Treasure Dark
Laurentian Treasure Light
Lifestyle 4.2
Lifestyle 5

Get a quote on your wooden flooring installations in Johannesburg

Don’t hesitate to contact Absolut Carpets for a quote on laminate wooden flooring installations in Johannesburg – Get the floors you’ve always dreamed of for your home or business – contact Absolut Carpets today via telephone or email.