Wilton Sandscapes - Absolut Carpets
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Wilton Sandscapes

About This Project

In Wilton weaving, the surface pile rises from the back of the carpet and is created by the yarn being woven in a loop over a wire. It can be left in this form – thus making loop pile – or cut so as to make cut pile. The height of the loop and/or cut pile, as well as the type of yarn can be manipulated to form different styles. Unlike Axminsters, the coloured yarns which are not required for use in the pile are buried in the carpet backing, making them exceptionally, dimensionally stable.
Wilton carpets are great for interesting carpet styles – velvet, sculptured pile, hard-twist cut pile, cut/loop variations and a host of stunning textured looks. Crossley produces both stock ranges and exclusive custom woven options. Our face to face looms are excellent for velvet finishes and other top stock styles.


20 November

Crossley, Wilton Sandscapes
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