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About This Project

This collection with decors varying from light to dark is a real eyecatcher in any interior.  The planks are shorter and wider than standard laminate planks, and the brushed finish creates a worn and robust look.  This tough plank floor gives the impression it has withstood the ravages of time. With its combination of light and dark décors, ranging from Loft White to Aged Castle Oak and Boathouse Pine, Impressio certainly is an attention grabber. The wider than standard planks with brushed look add a casual yet robust look to any room. Joined together with a V-groove, they seem to be there for eternity. 9 new stunning decors added to the Impressio range which comes with the new Panoramic Design which gives the endless planks appearance. On laminate planks with Panoramic design, the decors appear to flow optical from one plank to another, creating an illusion of planks that are endless.


20 November

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