Supplier of Luxury Vinyl Planks in Johannesburg- Absolut Carpets
Looking for a supplier of Luxury Vinyl Planks in Johannesburg? Contact the leading flooring company, Absolut Carpets, today!
Luxury Vinyl Planks in Johannesburg
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Supplier of Luxury Vinyl Planks in Johannesburg

Supplier of Luxury Vinyl Planks in Johannesburg – Absolut Carpets

If you simply love wooden flooring because you love the character it brings to a room or living space, but you are looking for something with a modern flare, then Luxury Vinyl Planks definitely is the way to go. This modern and durable flooring option has become a popular choice for home and business owners across the country, and with good reason! Luxury Vinyl Planks are stylish, modern and lasting.

Let the leading suppliers of Luxury Vinyl Planks in Johannesburg tell you a little more about this exclusive flooring option, and supply you with a quote to install your Luxury Vinyl Flooring at a competitive price. Contact Absolut Carpets today for assistance.

Why are Luxury Vinyl Planks the best choice for you?

If you’re looking for a flooring option that resembles real hardwood flooring, but with a touch of elegance, you will simply love the Luxury Vinyl Planks supplied and installed by Absolut Carpets. The DeZign Floor range of Luxury Vinyl Planks is a beautiful collection of top grade vinyl planks. Here are a few reasons why you should let Absolut Carpets install Luxury Vinyl Planks from DeZign Floor in your home or business:

  • Designs: Absolut Carpet supplies and installs Luxury Vinyl Planks by DeZign Floor, including the Series 400 and Series 500 ranges, each with a variety of designs and colours to choose from, ensuring that you find a Luxury Vinyl Plank range in Johannesburg that you love.
  • Versatile: Luxury Vinyl Planks are extremely versatile when it comes to flooring, and is suitable for a number of applications including residential and commercial environments. Talk to a consultant at Absolut Carpets today to find out if our team can install your Luxury Vinyl Plank for your residential or commercial flooring needs.
  • Quality: You can expect high quality Luxury Vinyl Planks when trusting the team at Absolut Carpets as your flooring supplier. Talk to us about the different ranges and options that would be best for your application needs.

Egger Laminate


Luxury Vinyl Planks in Johannesburg from Absolut Carpets

Choose from the following Luxury Vinyl Planks available in Johannesburg from Absolut Carpets:

  • DeZign Floor Series 400: This trendy and stylish range of Luxury Vinyl Planks consists of a number of modern designs that will add a touch of elegance to any space. This durable flooring option is more suitable for commercial use and high traffic areas such as malls, hospitals, factories, school, gymnasiums, supermarkets and office space. This slip resistant flooring features a Polyurethane coating, which makes it easy to clean and very durable. Choose from a variety of colours to fit your building’s interior.
  • DeZign Floor Series 500: If you are seeking a low maintenance flooring option that features a realistic replication of real wooden floors, then the Series 500 is ideal. Suitable for corporate buildings, malls, hospitals, factories, schools, gymnasiums, supermarkets and office space or areas, this flooring option is slip resistant and features a durable Polyurethane layer for a lasting flooring option. These Luxury Vinyl Tiles even feature a wooden texture thanks to the In Registered Embossing texture.

Range of laminated wooden flooring for your home in Johannesburg available from Absolute Carpets

We offer a selection of high quality laminated flooring brands, at very competitive prices. You can view our website for more information, or see samples instore. Choose from the following flooring ranges:

Balterio Laminate

Lifestyle Luxury Vinyl (LTV)

Laurentian Treasure Dark
Laurentian Treasure Light
Lifestyle 4.2
Lifestyle 5
  • Egger Laminate: Egger Laminate is a top manufacturer of laminate wooden flooring. We are a supplier of this robust and stylish laminated flooring range. View examples on our website, or see samples in our store. Egger laminate wooden flooring is very modern and trendy, offering home owner very stylish and durable flooring products for their home. Choose from different colours and finishes to fit your needs.
  • Balterio Laminate: The Balterio Laminate flooring range is ideal for home and office installation, offering customers a very realistic and natural looking laminated wooden flooring option. Colour vary from clean whites to more dramatic darker colours – find out what we have in-store at Absolute Carpets in Johannesburg.
  • Lifestyle Luxury Vinyl: Lifestyle Luxury Vinyl offers vinyl flooring products suitable for residential and commercial application. Find out more about this range for your specific needs.

Contact Absolut Carpets today

Get the best Luxury Vinyl Planks for your commercial / residential flooring needs today. Our team will provide you with honest advice so that you can make an informed decision when choosing new floors for a certain space. Let Absolut Carpets install your Luxury Vinyl Planks in Johannesburg – Get a quote today!